Language Line® University Training Courses focus on the development of the knowledge and skills necessary to raise the standard of interpreter accuracy, efficiency, and cultural competency. Language Line University training programs also enable organizations to develop the skills of their bilingual staff and in-house interpreters without incurring excess downtime or high tuition costs. After completion of these training courses, participants receive a Certificate of Completion and are better prepared to use the tools necessary to provide a higher level of service at a more expedient pace, improving organization efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Training Programs

The Advanced Medical Training (AMT) is a course for working interpreters that teaches healthcare interpreting, including the roles and responsibilities of the medical interpreter. The course also examines the biomedical culture and the particular characteristics of various healthcare settings, as well as the specialized terminology and procedures utilized within different medical professions and specialties. More advanced terminology and ethical and linguistic challenges will also be addressed in this 40-hour training course.

The Web Advanced Medical Training (Web AMT) is the newest offering in Language Line University's training courses. It is comprised of the same up-to-date content as the AMT, but condensed into a convenient, user-friendly, and cost-effective format that includes 15 hours of web instruction, as well as 10 hours of Instructor-Led Sessions. The web-training format enables users to access the information from wherever they are located and whenever they are available.

The Web Fundamentals of Interpreting (Web FOI) training course is an entry-level training for bilingual individuals to the challenging field of interpretation. Participants will examine numerous interpretation settings, protocols and techniques. Rate of speech, pronunciation, and professional demeanor will also be discussed in this 6-hour Web training course.

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